Rise of the Runelords – Sandpoint

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Rise of the Runelords – Sandpoint

Sandpoint map

  1. Sandpoint Cathedral: Cathedral dedicated to Abadar,Desna, Erastil, Gozreh, Sarenrae, and Shelyn, led by Abstalar Zantus (CG male human cleric of Desna 4), a cleric of Desna.
  2. Sandpoint Boneyard: The Sandpoint cemetery, maintained by Naffer Vosk (NG male human rogue 1/cleric of Sarenrae 2).
  3. The White Deer: Sizable three-story, clean, and cheap tavern and inn, run by Shoanti Garridan Viskalai (LN male human expert 4), the brother of Sheriff Belor Hemlock.
  4. The Way North: One-story library of maps and sea charts, run by Gnome Veznutt Parooh (NG male gnome wizard 2/expert 4).
  5. Jeweler: Jeweler Maver Kesk (LG male human expert 3) and his wife Pennae Kesk (LN female human commoner 2).
  6. Junker’s Edge: Cliff where the garbage is being dumped.
  7. Gorvi’s Shack: Home of the half-orc garbage collector Gorvi (CN male half-orc warrior 3).
  8. Sage: Home to Brodert Quink (NG male human expert 7), a scholar of Varisian history and engineering.
  9. Locksmith: Home to dwarven locksmith Volioker Briskalberd (LG male dwarf rogue 2/expert 3).
  10. Sandpoint Garrison: Stone fortress that serves as militia barracks and jail under supervision of Sheriff Belor Hemlock (CG male human fighter 4). The heavily scarred jailor Vachedi (CG male human (Shoanti) barbarian 3) can also be found here.
  11. Sandpoint Town Hall: Meeting hall and bank. Mayor Kendra Deverin (NG female human aristocrat 4/expert 3) can be found here.
  12. Savah’s Armory: Weapons and armor shop run by Savah Bevaniky (NG female human fighter 2/rogue 1).
  13. Risa’s Place: Tavern owned by Varisian sorcerer Risa Magravi (NG female human sorcerer 4).
  14. Rovanky Tannery: Tannery selling leather and fur goods, operated by the ever perfectionist Larz Rovanky (LG male human expert 3).
  15. Red Dog Smithy: Quality smithing work by the foul-mouthed, gruff and impatient Das Korvut (LN male human fighter 1/expert 3).
  16. The Pillbug’s Pantry: Small shop in which Aliver Podiker (LE male human alchemist 5) sells herbal medicine and potions.
  17. Bottled Solutions: Cluttered shop with shelves full of bottles, bags, and other containers from which Disk Tander (NG male half-elf alchemist 1/expert 2) sells his potions.
  18. Cracktooth’s Tavern: Tavern near the Sandpoint Theater which is frequented by many artists hoping to be discovered. Run by the always witty Jesk Berinni (NG male human expert 3).
  19. House of the Blue Stones: Monastery tended by worshiper of Irori Sabyl Sorn (LN female human monk 4) with a great library and meditation area. Forge can often be found here during the morning yoga classes.
  20. Sandpoint Glassworks: One of the oldest industries in town, Sandpoint Glassworks has been owned by the Kaijitsu family from the town’s foundation.
  21. Sandpoint Savories: Bakery run by Alma Avertin (LG female human expert 7) and her twin daughters Arika and Aneka (LG female human experts 2).
  22. The Curious Goblin: Pricey bookshop run by the book obsessed Chask Haladan (CG male human bard 3/expert 3). Brodert Quink (area 8), Sabyl Sorn (area 19), and Ilsoari Gandethus (area 27) can often be found here.
  23. Sandpoint Theater: One of the most impressive theaters on this side of Varisia, run by Cyrdak Drokkus (CN male human bard 6).
  24. Carpenter’s Guild: Guild run by Aesrick Battlehorn (LG male dwarf expert 5).
  25. Sandpoint Lumber Mill: One of the first buildings in Sandpoint’s history and owned by the Scarnetti family. The daily operation is left to Banny Harker (NG male human expert 3) and Ibor Thorn (NG male human expert 2).
  26. General Store: Sandpoint’s oldest and best-stocked general store, operated by Ven Vinder (LN male human commoner 7). His wife Solsta (LG female human commoner 4) and daughters Katrine (NG female human commoner 1) and Shayliss (CN female human commoner 1) can also be found here.
  27. Turandarok Academy: Sandpoint’s school and orphanage run by Ilsoari Gandethus (LN male human wizard 4/rogue 2). This building is the connection for all the characters in the campaign. Colwyn and Forge grew up here and consider Master Gandethus their surrogate father while Lucius and Dhark attended school here.
  28. Madame Mvashti’s House: Ancient, decrepit manor belonging to Niska Mvashti (N female human druid 3/sorcere 4/mystic theurge 1), a Varisian historian and seer who performs readings with harrow cards or carved bones.
  29. Grocer’s Hall: Grocery and farm equipment run by guild master Olmur Danvakus (LG male halflang expert 4).
  30. Vernah’s Fine Clothing: Clothing shop operated by Rynshinn Povalli (NG female half-elf expert 5).
  31. Wheen’s Wagons: Wagons workshop owned by Bilivar When (N male human expert 3). His wife Vorah (LN female human commoner 1) can be found here too. Their daughter Tanethia drowned in the Mill Pond last year.
  32. Scarnetti Mill: The only grain mill left in the region after fires destroyed the other nearby mills. The mill is managed by Courrin Whesterwill (NG male human expert 2).
  33. The Hagfish: One of Sandpoint’s most popular taverns owned by one-legged Jargie Quinn (CG male human rogue 2/expert 2). The tavern also houses Norah, the resident hagfish. Whoever can drink a tankard from Norah’s aquarium, gets the coins in the leather pouch nailed next to the tankard. Only 28 people have successfully downed a tankard so far.
  34. Valdemar Fishmarket: Fishmarket owned by Turch Sterglus (LG male human rogue 1/expert 5), a retired fisherman with a lazy eye and wild white beard.
  35. Sandpoint Market: Marketplace where the Town Market takes place twice a week.
  36. Sandpoint Meat Market: Half slaughterhouse, half shop run by local butcher Chod Bevuk (NG male human expert 3). Chod is missing a finger and claims he lost it during a fight with Chopper.
  37. The Rusty Dragon: Sandpoint’s oldest inn owned by Ameiko Kaijitsu (CG female human aristocrat 1/bard 3/rogue 1). Adventurer-friendly inn serving exotic and spicy food.
  38. Goblin Squash Stables: Stables operated by retired hunter Daviren Hosk (N male human ranger 4) that has a nearly legendary hatred of goblins. The barn is decorated by numerous goblin ears. The body of Chief Warts of the now-extinct Bonegrinder Tribe can be found here preserved in a large bottle of brine.
  39. Two Knight Brewery: Brewery established by 2 brothers who are cousins of Mayor Deverin. One of the brothers, Wade Deverin, was one of the first victims of Chopper. It’s currently run by Gaven Deverin (LG human male paladin 2/expert 3).
  40. Sandpoint Mercantile League: Large building in which you can send messages to locals or nearby towns and cities, book passage in a ship or arrange for caravans and carriages. The day-to-day business is handled by Sir Jasper Korvaski (LG male human paladin (Abadar) 3/expert 1).
  41. Sandpoint Boutique: Shop that sells all manner of clothing, weapons, toys, artwork, books, and tools. Owned by Hayliss Korvaski (LN female human cleric 2/expert 2) who, like her brother (area 40), is a devout follower of Abadar.
  42. Fatman’s Feedbag: Sandpoint’s most notorious tavern where bar fights are common. The tavern is owned by Gressel Tenniwar (CN male human rogue 2/expert 1). Varisian Jubrayl Vhiski (NE male human rogue 7) can also be found here.
  43. The Pixie’s Kitten: Classy and distinguished brothel run by Kaye Tesarani (CG female human rogue 3/sorcerer 1). Forge works here serving food and drinks to Kaye’s customers.
  44. The Feathered Serpent: Cramped and cluttered shop full of strange relics, statues, and monument fragments of which not everything is for sale. The ever-excited and exotic-looking owner is Vorvashali Soon (LN male human wizard 2/rogue 2/expert 2).
  45. Hannah’s: Herbalist and midwife Hannah Velerin (NG female elf cleric of Gozreh 3/expert 1) lives here.
  46. Sandpoint Shipyard: Shipyard overseen by Belven Valdemar (NG male human aristocrat 1/expert 5).
  47. Valdemar Manor: Manor of the Valdemar family, most connected to Sandpoint’s shipbuilding and fishing industries. The family is ruled by one of the original members of the Sandpoint Mercantile League, Ethram Valdemar (NG male human aristocrat 5/expert 2).
  48. Scarnetti Manor: Manor of Sandpoint’s most notorious noble family. The family is headed by Titus Scarnetti (LN male human aristocrat 6) and controls Sandpoint’s mills and lumber industry.
  49. Kaijitsu Manor: Manor of the richest family in Sandpoint. The family owns the town’s glassworks and is headed by Lonjiku Kaijitsu (LN aristocrat 3/expert 2).
  50. Deverin Manor: Manor of the family that has traditionally held leadership roles in Sandpoint. Sandpoint’s current mayor Kendra Deverin (NG female human aristocrat 4/expert 3) lives here.
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