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Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path

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Rise of the Runelords

Rise of the Runelords Anniversary edition coverRise of the Runelords was the first adventure path released in the Pathfinder Adventure Path line and debuted in August 2007 as 6 separate adventure modules: Burnt Offerings, The Skinsaw Murders, The Hook Mountain Massacre, Fortress of the Stone Giants, Sins of the Saviors, and Spires of Xin-Shalast.

2012 saw the release of the Anniversary Edition which compiles the 6 adventures into one hardcover book. Additionaly Paizo Publishing released the Deluxe Collector’s Edition as a gorgeous oversized “magical tome” case with real metal casings, leather-like covers, and a working mechanical latch.

“From the idyllically peaceful coastal town of Sandpoint to an ancient lost city at the top of the world, Rise of the Runelords takes a party of adventurers from 1st to over 15th level and delves into the mysteries of Varisia’s ancient past. Millennia ago, the powerful empire of Thassilon ruled the land, dominated by despotic runelords who maintained their power through harnessing the power of rune magic. Thought gone forever, the working of Thassilon are not so far beneath the surface and one of the runelords plans a return to power. Only the brave adventurers stand in his way.”

Rise of the Runelords rules

  • Characters should be local to Sandpoint and have not travelled far and wide
  • Characters should be young adults, 17 – 20 years old
  • Characters should be preferably human. Other races are allowed with a good backstory but no elves and no gnomes are allowed.
  • The ruleset used will be D&D 5E
  • Only basic character classes (fighter, ranger, rogue, wizard, sorcerer, cleric, bard, paladin)


Rise of the Runelords characters

This section gives an overview of the characters that took on this epic adventure.

AkashHuman PaladinRetired
ForgeHalfling RogueActive
Lucius ScarnettiHuman WizardActive
DarskHuman FighterActive
Colwyn DrakkenHuman FighterActive (GMC)


Rise of the Runelords play sessions

This section gives an overview of the play sessions with links to a detailed write-up of the session.

26/01/18Pre-CampaignRise of the Runelords Session 1 - Character Generation
09/02/18Pre-CampaignRise of the Runelords Session 2 - Sandpoint integration
23/03/18Pre-CampaignRise of the Runelords Session 3 - Sheep are animals too
06/04/18Pre-CampaignRise of the Runelords Session 4 - If you were bigger, I'd actually see you

Rise of the Runelords locations


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