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Shadow Lodge – Pathfinder Society Faction

Shadow Lodge

Ensure the Decemvirate doesn’t take advantage of Pathfinder agents.

For decades, a growing segment of the Pathfinder Society’s membership has become disillusioned with the Decemvirate. Whether they hold personal grudges against the masked leaders of the Society for slights they feel were never remedied or watched too many of their friends suffer for the good of a Society that seemed to thank them very little, these rebels’ numbers have surged in recent years, swelling the Shadow Lodge’s membership. In 4710 ar, several fringe cells of the underground resistance movement broke off from the main body of the Shadow Lodge, and began a series of open attacks on the Grand Lodge and those loyal to it. The Decemvirate, recognizing that there was a real problem to be addressed, quelled the rebellion by bringing the Lodge back into the fold, acquiescing to some of their demands, and sending strike forces to hunt down and eliminate remaining cells of radical Shadow agents. Many remaining Shadow Lodge agents still feel the Decemvirate has further to go to remedy the injustices carried out in the Society’s name, though they are glad to be in good standing with the Society once again—even if many also believe they were brought back into the Grand Lodge so the Ten could keep a closer eye on them.

Most Pathfinders claiming membership in the Shadow Lodge have a personal grudge against the Decemvirate. Whether they themselves were victims of the Ten’s apathy regarding their well-being or saw friends or relatives suffer because of the Society’s inaction, tragedy and resentment push most Shadow Lodge members into the organization’s ranks. But while Shadow Lodge Pathfinders may not like the Decemvirate very much, they nevertheless want the Society to prosper, and do what they must to assist their fellow agents, especially when the Ten send them into harm’s way. Most Shadow Lodge Pathfinders are chaotic-aligned.

Shadow Lodge missions often involve gathering evidence of slights against the average Pathfinder from high-ranking members like venture-captains and the Ten; assisting former agents in recovering from injuries, curses, or maladies suffered while serving as the Decemvirate’s pawns; or eliminating openly oppositional Pathfinders who claim allegiance to the Shadow Lodge and damage the organization’s reputation. Shadow Lodge operatives who can operate without damaging the tenuous peace with the Decemvirate are quite valued.

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