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Osirion – Pathfinder Society Faction


In the secrets of the past, we shall find today’s triumphs.

Osirion is among the oldest human nations of the Inner Sea region—its founding marked the end of the Age of Anguish. Over its long history, it has experienced centuries of incredible power as well as generations of subjugation under foreign rule, as its ancient might was lost to desert sands and forgotten with the passage of time. With ambitions of once again being the most influential and powerful nation in the Inner Sea region, Osirion knows that Absalom is its largest competitor for the position. So while the nations of Andoran, Cheliax, Qadira, and Taldor battle among themselves for control of the City at the Center of the World, Osirion delves deep into its history to resurrect the secrets of the past. As a sleeping giant, it amasses its power to swoop in on its unsuspecting enemies when they have weakened one another, using the strength of history to secure its future dominance.

More than any other nation involved in the shadow war for control of Absalom, Osirion employs a large number of Pathfinders not originally native to the faction’s country. While most Osirians remain loyal to the Ruby Prince even after joining the Pathfinder Society, a significant number of non-Osirian agents also find that their respect for the secrets of the past, their desire to remain unassuming and go unnoticed, and their belief that true power need not be exerted until the time is right are perfectly aligned with the philosophy of Osirion and its Absalom-based faction. Other Pathfinders are less dedicated to Osirion and its specific political goals than interested in the wealth and mystery buried beneath its dunes, and ally with the faction in the hope of gaining access to these unplumbed troves of treasure and lore. Most Osirion Faction Pathfinders are lawful-aligned.

The most valuable asset to the Osirion faction is knowledge, and Pathfinders willing and able to procure ancient relics for study, copy secret documents, and decipher long-dead languages find themselves well rewarded for carrying out Amenopheus’s requests. Many of the faction’s goals involve delving into haunted, cursed crypts, and Pathfinders with resistances or dominance over the undead are particularly useful.

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