Hollow’s Last Hope

Paizo Publishing published PZO9500 D0: Hollow’s Last Hope for the first Free RPG day in 2007.

In this adventure the people of Falcon’s Hollow have fallen ill and the characters are sent out to find a cure for the blackscour taint.

Hollow’s Last Hope is intended for 1st level characters and can be used as a prologue to D1: Crown of the Kobold King.

This is the first adventure that I’ve ran for my Pathfinder Society Home Campaign. The players chose Lem, Valeros, Lirianne, and Harsk as their characters. 

As they are Pathfinder agents in my campaign, they were sent to Falcon’s Hollow by Ambrus Valsin, a venture captain from Absalom.

Deldrin Baleson, the sheriff of Falcon’s Hollow, is a former Pathfinder agent who has asked the society for help in finding a cure for the blackscour taint.

Finding a cure will give the characters a prestige point. If sheriff Baleson is still alive at the end of the adventure, they will gain a second prestige point.

Mid-adventure I added a new player to the mix who chose Damiel as a character. Damiel was sent to the dwarven monastery by venture captain Brackett from the Pathfinder Lodge in Almas.

A fellow pathfinder by the name of Engrin Roose had written to venture captain Brackett of finding a tome about the dwarven god Torag. Roose believed he had found clues of a great discovery leading him to a dwarven monastery in the Darkmoon Vale. Then the correspondence stopped.

Damiel is sent to Darkmoon Vale to check on Roose while Guaril Karela, the leader of the Sczarni faction asks Damiel to make sure he brings back the tome Roose was talking about as the Sczarni are very interested in learning about his discovery.

The above plot hook has nothing to do with the story in Hollow’s Last Hope and was just a way of getting a new player involved. Finding Roose will grant Damiel a prestige point, bringing back the dwarven tome will grant him another one.

Hollow’s Last Hope Play Sessions







Sunday, 12th of January 2014



 Valeros  (NPC)


Wednesday, 19th of March 2014



(NPC), Valeros


Wednesday, 2nd of April 2014



 Lirianne (NPC), Valeros


Wednesday, 23rd of April 2014



 Lirianne (NPC), Valeros

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