Campaigns & Adventures : Pathfinder Society character creation Henricus Janovius Corentyn

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Henricus Janovius Corentyn Selfportrait

Campaigns & Adventures : Pathfinder Society character creation Henricus Janovius Corentyn

Last year I shared the character write-up of Henricus Janovius Corentyn. I had created the character for a one-on-one Pathfinder RPG campaign and decided that I wanted to make Henricus my official Pathfinder Society character as well. This needed some changes in the character build however in order to comply with Pathfinder Society rules.

Character creation


Character creation for Pathfinder Society works with a point-buy system instead of the regular dice rolling. Pathfinder Society characters have all their stats at 10 and receive 20 points to spend on increasing their stats. This is an incremental increase meaning the higher you want your stat to be, the more points you need to invest.

I wanted to preserve the rolled stats of the original character as much as possible but that turned out to be a bit difficult. Instead I chose to spend 10 points getting my dexterity to 16, 5 points to get my charisma to 14, then 3 points to get my wisdom to 13 and 2 points to get my intelligence to 12, leaving strength and constitution at 10. As a human I get to add 2 points to any one stat so I chose charisma.

STR: 10; DEX 16 (+3); CON 10; INT 12 (+1); WIS 13 (+1); CHA 16 (+3).


The character will be human, more specifically of Taldan descent. Extra feat at 1st level and extra skill points stays similar to regular Pathfinder RPG play.


The character’s (favorite) class will be a rogue. I will later on most likely add levels in Ranger and Bard. A first level rogue gets 8 hitpoints at first level, the abilities of Trapfinding and Sneak Attack, and a +2 reflex save.


As a rogue I get 8 skill points plus an extra one for my intelligence modifier of 1, and another for being of the human race. I spent a skill point in Acrobatics, Appraise, Craft (drawing/painting), Diplomacy, Disable device, Knowledge (Nobility), Perception, Profession (Taxidermist), Sleight of hand, and Stealth.


As I want the character to be able to get out of the way of trouble as soon as possible, I chose Improved initiative as my first feat. Being of a proud Taldan noble family, I chose Noble Scion as my second feat. The first one gives me a nice bonus to initiative rolls, the second one give me a bonus to the Knowledge (Nobility) skill and makes it a class skill. I chose the patron of lore to get a bonus on all knowledge skills in which I have ranks.


Traits I hadn’t chosen for the original character, but Pathfinder Society play allows you to pick two traits. I picked Deft Dodger to get a bonus to my Reflex saving throw, and Mentored to get a bonus to my profession and to helping others.


Due to his intelligence, Henricus knows an extra language besides Taldan. I chose Skald, the language of the Ulfen, as the Corentyn family had several members of the Ulfen Guard in the household.


Pathfinder Society starts play for every character with 150 GP. I chose the following equipment : Rapier (20 GP), Light Crossbow (35 GP), Dagger (2 GP), 30 crossbow bolts (3 GP), Studded leather (25 GP), Artisan’s tools – Taxidermy set (5 GP), Artisan’s tools – Drawing/painting set (5 GP), Thieves tools (30 GP), Backpack (2 GP), Traveller’s outfit (1 GP), Bedroll (1 SP), Crowbar (2 GP), Grappling hook (1 GP), Common lamp (1 SP), Flask of oil (1 SP), Paper (4 SP), 2 travel rations (1 GP), 50 ft of hemp rope (1 GP), Signet ring (5 GP), Soap (5 SP), Waterskin (1 GP). This leaves me 9 GP and 8 SP.


Henricus Janovius Corentyn Selfportrait










A selfportrait by Henricus Janovius Corentyn including his signature in which you’ll recognize the C of Corentyn and the J and H of his first names. (Disclaimer: Credit goes to Breogan at DeviantArt for drawing this. I just photoshopped the initials on it to make it look like a selfportrait.)

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