Most funded Tabletop Games kickstarters in February 2019

Most funded tabletop games kickstarter february 2019

The second overview of the year focusing on the most funded kickstarter projects in the Tabletop Games category. The main focus will remain on boardgames and RPGs. February 2019 saw the launch of 233 Kickstarter projects compared to 146 projects in January. Of the total of 379 ended projects in 2019, 75% were succesfully funded. … Read more

Spiel 2014 Part 2

Spiel 2014

On Sunday I returned to Spiel 2014 to pick up my copy of Shadows of Brimstone. I located the pick-up point quite fast but underestimated the size of the reward a little bit. So I ended up hauling a big carton box back to the car, minutes after I had entered the building. I then … Read more

Spiel 2014 Part 1

Spiel 2014

Spiel is Europe’s biggest gaming convention and gaming should be taken as broadly as possible. There’s RPGs, LARP materials, boardgames, comics, artists, and so on. My main interest in going to Spiel has always been the RPG section which this year was located in Hall 2. On Thursday around noon I walked into one of … Read more