Atlas Games D20 Collection Update 2

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Atlas Games D20 collection update

Atlas Games D20 Collection Update 2

At Spiel 2014 I added another RPG book to my Atlas Games D20 collection.

Atlas Games D20 collection updateAG3217 Splintered Peace was written by David Chart and released by Atlas Games in November of 2002. This D20 campaign sourcebook describes Marchion, a city at the edge of civilization, its history, politics, and important NPCs. Splintered Peace is a political campaign that emphasizes both action and intellect. While the city of Marchion struggles with bands of raiding orcs on the outside, the player characters will also have to deal with racial tensions inside of the city walls.





Atlas Games D20 Collection Status

AG3200 Three Days to kill (August 2000)
AG3201 Thieves in the Forest (November 2000)
AG3202 In the Belly of the Beast (January 2001)
AG3203 The tide of years (March 2001)
AG3204 Touched by the gods (May 2001)
AG3205 Instrument of destiny (postponed indefinately)
AG3206 Maiden Voyage (August 2001)
AG3207 En route (August 2001)
AG3208 The last dance (November 2001)
AG3209 Beyond the veil (November 2001)
AG3210 Backdrops (January 2002)
AG3211 The Ebon Mirror (January 2002)
AG3212 Seven Strongholds (February 2002)
AG3213 Seven cities (March 2002)
AG3214 Occult lore (June 2002)
AG3215 Unhallowed halls (2002)
AG3216 Lean and hungry (October 2002)
AG3217 Splintered peace (November 2002)
AG3218 Fantasy bestiary (2003)
AG3219 Uncommon character (April 2003)
AG3220 Dynasties & Demagogues (March 2003)
AG3221 Sacred ground (May 2003)
AG3222 En route II : By land or by sea (2003)
AG3223 Crime & Punishment (March 2003)
AG3224 Classic adventures bundle (June 2003)
AG3225 Sacred ground II (November 2003)
AG3226 Love & War (February 2004)
AG3227 Dork20 Deck (November 2003)
AG3228 En route III : The road less travelled (April 2004)
AG3229 Seven serpents (June 2004)
AG3230 Seven civilizations (September 2004)

Bold are the releases currently in my Penumbra D20 collection.

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