September 4

AEG D20 Collection Update


The first four books have been added to my AEG D20 collection.

AEG D20 Collection Update

  • AEG8301 Castle Zadrian was the first of the AEG D20 Adventure Boosters and published in 2000. The booklet contains an adventure module for 4th and 5th level characters and was written by Rich Wulf. The characters are hired by Lady Elene Zadrian to look for her father, the legendary alchemist Sir Timoth Zadrian, who has gone missing.
  • AEG8501 Evil is a D20 sourcebook published by Alderac Entertainment Group in 2001. The book contains everything a GM or player needs to design imposing villains, including new feats, spells, prestige classes, domains, monsters, gods, magic items, and tips to run an evil campaign.
  • AEG8506 River of Blood is a D20 adventure module for characters of level 7-9. The armies of the Three Kingdoms are tucked into their winter camps after endless battles, but their patrols and outposts keep getting ambushed. The characters have been asked to explore the length of the Pauvaas River to investigate who’s behind these ambushes.
  • AEG8524 World’s Largest City is a massive 700+ page tome that fully describes the World’s largest city and all its districts in minute details.

AEG D20 Collection Status

AEG8301 Castle Zadrian (2000)
AEG8302 Sundered Faith (2000)
AEG8303 Tomb of the Overseers (2000)
AEG8304 Against the Barrow King (2000)
AEG8305 Jerimond’s Orb (2000)
AEG8306 Out of Body, Out of Mind (2000)
AEG8307 The Crypt of St. Bethesda (2000)
AEG8308 Kurishan’s Garden (2000)
AEG8309 The Last Gods (2001)
AEG8310 Bring Him Back Alive! (2001)
AEG8311 The Heart of Amun Khonshu (2001)
AEG8312 The Murder of Seven Points (2001)
AEG8313 Dead Man’s Cove (2001)
AEG8314 Garadon Manor (2001)
AEG8315 Servants of the Blood Moon (2001)
AEG8316 The Ice Caves of Azinth (2001)
AEG8317 Princes, Thieves & Goblins (2001)
AEG8318 Vengeance Wheel – cancelled
AEG8319 Gottheit (2001)
AEG8320 Dawn of the Serpent (2001)
AEG8321 The Red Isle (2001)
AEG8322 The Last Defender (2001)
AEG8323 The Illusionist’s Daughter (2001)
AEG8324 The Lash of Malloc (2001)
AEG8325 Temple of the Iron Codex (2001)
AEG8326 Honor Among Thieves (2001)
AEG8327 Dungeons (2001)
AEG8328 The Temple of Eternal Flame (2001)
AEG8329 The Lost King (2001)
AEG8330 The Wreck of the Venerable Drake (2001)
AEG8331 Kin and Kinsmen (2001)
AEG8332 The Gauntlet (2001)
AEG8333 Folnar’s Dagger (2001)
AEG8334 Fall from Grace (2001)
AEG8335 No Mercy (2001)
AEG8336 The Dark Elf of Hosuth (2002)
AEG8337 The Ogre City of Drahk’Suhl (2002)
AEG8338 The Prison City of Hell’s Reach (2002)
AEG8339 The Caravan City of Azul (2001)
AEG8340 The Harbinger (2001)
AEG8341 In Cold Blood (2001)
AEG8342 Legacy of Madness (2001)
AEG8343 Bitter Waters (2002)
AEG8344 Covenent Hill (2001)
AEG8345 That Which Does Not Die
AEG8346 The Flesh Is Weak (2001)
AEG8348 Treachery’s Reward (2002)
AEG8349 Unspoken Shame (2002)
AEG8350 Blood on White Pearls
AEG8351 The Daisho and the Ninja (2002)
AEG8435 That Which Does Not Die (2001)
AEG8501 Evil (2001)
AEG8502 Dragons (2001)
AEG8504 Undead (2001)
AEG8506 River of Blood (2002)
AEG8508 War (2002)
AEG8509 Monster (2002)
AEG8510 Gods (2002)
AEG8511 Mercenaries (2002)
AEG8512 Magic (2002)
AEG8513 Good (2002)
AEG8514 Toolbox (2002)
AEG8515 Feats (2002)
AEG8516 Relics (2003)
AEG8517 Wilds (2003)
AEG8518 Empire (2003)
AEG8519 Guilds (2003)
AEG8520 Adventure I (2004)
AEG8521 Adventure II (2004)
AEG8522 Secrets (2004)
AEG8523 The World’s Largest Dungeon (2004)
AEG8524 World’s largest city
AEG8525 Ultimate Toolbox (2009)
AEG8530 Blood on White Petals (2002)

Entries in bold are in my AEG D20 collection


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