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RPGames is a website about roleplaying (and other related) games that aims to inspire, educate, and share the love for the best genre of games ever created.

Our Story


RPGames.be was started by Ralph in October of 2011 with no plan in mind on what exactly I wanted to create. I just knew I wanted to write about my passion, roleplaying games. 

I decided I partly wanted to be a blog where people could find the latest news from the industry. At the same time, I wanted to show off my evergrowing RPG collection. 

The news articles were basically copied from other websites, or me closely following the websites of certain publishers and then writing an article about new releases. 

I decided to also add session reports of the games I was playing and/or running. So I would start writing a whole bunch of articles about that. 


In 2014 I found the RPG Blog Carnival, a group of RPG blogs selecting a theme to all write about and then summarize and link to each other’s entries. I started writing a few articles but never really dug my heels in very deep. 

New content appeared very irregularly over the next few years and often coincided with the start of a new campaign in our RPG group. 


2019 saw me make a move toward Youtube. As I’m an introvert, being in front of the camera was a nightmare. Although to be fair, with the necessary persistence I could bring myself to do it. 

I quickly changed to let’s play videos however as I could just record those and not have to appear on screen. The let’s play niche on Youtube however is very difficult to get a foothold in, as there’s so much competition. On top of that, most of my subscribers came from the RPGaDay series I did in 2019. 

Despite the website being online for years, I barely had any traffic. Not really surprising, as I had basically been writing for a handful of friends. It never crossed my mind to write articles that people might actually look for on Google.


In 2020 I found Income School on Youtube, a channel about creating a full-time income from blogging and/or niche websites. I really enjoyed their approach and became a member of Project 24, their paid program in which they teach both blogging and youtube.

A severe depression during 2019 and 2020 gave me plenty of time to think about what I really want in life. And the more I thought about it, the more I would love to make this passion more than just a hobby. 

The end of 2020 saw a complete overhaul of the website design.


2023 saw another design overhaul. The website was originally built on Thrive Themes and I decided to replace it with Generatepress and Generateblocks. This sped up the website considerably which was ideal as I wanted to start putting ads on the site.

The YouTube channel was put on hold as I had other projects that needed my attention. It wasn’t growing with the let’s play videos and I couldn’t justify the time spent on video creation any longer.

I still love YouTube so if the channel is restarted, it will be about roleplaying games with me in front of the camera, as it was always intended to be.